Ready Meals & Sauces

Ana Sayfa Food Ready Meals & Sauces

Ready Meals & Sauces

Flexible packaging for ready meals and sauces allows for easy transport and storage of ready-to-eat food and sauces.


Ready meal packaging is used for cooking and packaging various types of food, especially chicken, meat, and vegetables. The food is cooked and cooled, then filled into the packaging. This way, the consumer can heat the meal in a microwave or on a stove top after opening the packaging. Ready meal packaging is generally sterilized through thermal processing, so the food lasts longer and the formation of microorganisms is prevented.


Flexible packaging for sauces is used for packaging liquid or creamy sauces. These types of packaging usually take the form of plastic bottles and are filled according to the type of sauce. Sauce flexible packaging is designed to make it easy for consumers to fill and use the sauce, similar to a bottle. These packages are also environmentally friendly because they produce less waste and can be reused.

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