We are working to produce high-quality, innovative, and eco-friendly packaging.

   – While implementing our sustainability strategy, we focus on the environment, producers, consumers, and the future.

   – We develop recyclable products, particularly for future generations, by raising awareness about climate change.

   – Through practices that enhance the mental and physical quality of life of our employees, particularly for a healthy and high-quality life, we set an example in this field.

   – We offer partnership solutions to our producers with safe, practical, eco-friendly, and convenient packaging produced using technology in the developing world.

   – We carry out activities to be a valuable stakeholder for non-governmental organizations contributing to the economy and employment in the regions where we operate.


The European Commission aims to reduce plastic production by 55% by 2025 and 65% by 2030, as announced in its strategy.


Recycling raw materials that take a long time to decompose in nature extends the life of raw materials while reducing the amount of waste accumulated in nature.

As a leading brand operating nationally and internationally, we are taking confident steps towards becoming a social brand that develops world-class products and works for a sustainable future.