Our Values

Competitive and Efficient

To be a company that utilizes the latest technology in accordance with the needs and expectations of markets and customers worldwide, effectively and efficiently employs its resources, has qualified employees, is environmentally conscious, and creates value without compromising on quality.


To follow the trends in this field by constantly learning and developing according to the needs of manufacturers and consumers, based on science and guided by technology in the company’s operations, and to develop original and new technologies.

Stakeholder Satisfaction

To act with a customer and solution-oriented approach for our national and international stakeholders, to develop a sense of belonging and corporate loyalty in employees, and to be a reliable business partner for manufacturers.

Commitment to Corporate Governance Principles and Ethical Values

To conduct its activities within the framework of corporate governance approach based on the principles of “innovation, transparency, quality, openness to development, responsibility”, ethical values, and awareness of social responsibility.