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With its superior service understanding, ‘Krcpack’ adds value to products by offering innovative and quality packaging diversity in terms of all kinds of needs, especially in the food sector and as a part of our daily lives.

As Krcpack Industries, we manufacture the following packaging and bags with laser perforated and shape-cut, zip and self-adhesive tapes, using the latest technologies and advanced machines provided to our facilities by internationally respected manufacturers.

What is Retort Packaging?

Retort packaging aims to transfer food products that are produced through healthy and durable packaging to the consumer with maximum safety, including meat, fish, chicken, cheese, and ready-made sauces. In this regard, they want the product to avoid damage from temperature and pressure factors. Retort packaging is considered as an alternative to traditional and industrial canning methods. With retort packaging:

  – It provides financial gain in logistics, storage, and production stages as it occupies less space than canned products as a storage area.

  – It is easy to transport and open.

  – It can be produced with a three-layer or four-layer material structure.

  – It can be used for retort doypacks, is three-side sealed, and is in a shaped bag format.

  – It protects the product it comes into contact with against temperature, humidity, and pressure effects and extends the shelf life of the product.

  – The taste and aroma of the food are not altered.

  – The shelf life is long.

  – It is frequently used in food industries such as cooked ready meals, soups, appetizers, and pet food.

What is Recyclable Packaging?

The separation and collection of waste according to their types, and obtaining them as raw materials through various physical and chemical processes, is called recycling. Recyclability depends on the collection of waste and the recycling streams available in each country.

Recyclable Packaging

Packaging is a necessity that addresses not only human needs but also those of nature and animals. Additionally, packaging is one of the most widely used products in the world due to increasing population and demand density. Recyclable packaging type can be defined as an environmentally friendly packaging with this feature. Due to the increasing population and needs, minimizing the damage to nature is one of our company’s main goals. In line with this goal, we ensure that our packaging is 100% recyclable by using recyclable raw materials in our packaging. Examples of frequently used products in the industry include recyclable packaging for food, pet food, personal care, home cleaning, textile, and agricultural products. With the preference of environmentally friendly companies that use recyclable packaging:

  – The amount of waste is reduced, thus minimizing waste areas,

  – Preventing the decrease of raw materials and contributing to both the company and the country’s economy,

  – Energy saving is provided,

  – Natural resource waste is reduced as 100% recyclable raw materials are used,

  – Especially in food products, the product is protected from external factors with an extra barrier material structure.


The separation and collection of used waste materials by their types, and obtaining them as raw materials through various physical and chemical processes is called recycling. The recyclability of waste depends on the collection of the used materials and the existing recycling flows in each country.

Recyclable Packaging

We offer both Flexographic and Rotogravure printing and can print up to 10 colors with a width of 1450 mm and repeat length of 1150 mm. The digital control of our printing machines ensures consistent color management. We can print using high-resolution flexo plates that include flat top dot technology, which greatly enhances the visual impact. Our Rotogravure printing machines can print up to 9 colors, with a width of 1250 mm and repeat length of up to 900 mm, enabling us to replicate even the most complex designs. Solventless and water-based lamination is available in structures up to four layers:


We offer high-quality process flexographic printing using state-of-the-art design and hardware-free presses with up to 10 colors. Additionally, we are able to print using the latest high-resolution flexo plates, which brings our flexographic printing quality closer to the standards achievable with rotogravure. For more information on High-Resolution Printing, please visit the ‘Design’ section.


We offer up to 10-color rotogravure printing, which provides superior results. Modern computer-controlled laser engraving has produced creation costs much closer to digital flexo. Various internal options are available, such as printing on both sides of the film or cold seal application.


We are responsible for all of our products.

In the event of any issues with the printing, we will take the product back to resolve the issue.

We track products throughout the entire process to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to create a dynamic collaboration that delivers excellent services and products to our customers and suppliers.