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Snacks & Nuts

Interest in natural snacks and snack foods continues to grow. The market for natural snacks such as nuts, walnuts, almonds, seeds and dried fruits, which are preferred by consumers and recommended to be consumed every day in terms of health, is growing steadily.

It is aimed that consumers benefit from healthier, safer and practical packaging with innovations and innovative solutions in products where flexible packaging is frequently used. Especially disposable snacks and nuts packages provide convenience in terms of more control and use of the product.

Besides that, reclosure zipper and standing packaging stand out as the perfect packaging to keep multi-course snacks and nuts fresh.

Preferred packaging in this sector is one of the most important factors in terms of snacks and nuts. Snacks and nuts, where flexible packaging is often used, have a long shelf life and are very important for product protection.

At KRCpack, using high-tech machinery, we produce any kind of flexible pouches for snacks and nuts. As Krcpack, we offer packaging alternatives for single use and multiple portions.

High barrier properties, various types of reclosure systems, easy carry handle and easy open options applied pouches offer efficient, practical, durable, healthy, low cost and consumer friendly packaging solutions.