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About us

We are a flexible packaging manufacturer providing high-quality and state-of-the-art services on six continents with machines operating at national and international levels.


Krcpack Packaging Industry has been providing services at international standards with the knowledge and experience it has gained in the packaging industry for a long time.


As a packaging company that protects its national and international stakeholders with a customer-oriented approach for sustainable growth, we operate as a reliable, competitive, and environmentally conscious company that is sensitive to people.



Packaging is a necessity that fulfills basic needs not only for people but also for nature and animals.

Krcpack Packaging is one of the leading and innovative brands in the flexible packaging industry that does not compromise on quality and makes serious investments in recyclable packaging. We ensure that our packages are 100% recyclable by using recyclable raw materials.

Geri Dönüştürülebilir Ambalaj

The amount of waste decreases

The amount of waste decreases, thus waste areas are minimized,

Contribution to the economy

Preventing the decrease in raw materials, thus contributing to both the company and the country's economy,

Waste of natural resources

Since 100% recyclable materials are used, waste of natural resources is reduced,

Extra barrier

Especially in food products, the product is protected from external factors with an extra barrier material structure.



Retort packages are commonly used in food industries such as meat, fish, chicken, cheese, ready-made sauces, cooked meals, soups, appetizers, and pet foods.


Food companies aim to deliver their produced foods to consumers with maximum safety through healthy and durable packaging.


At Krcpack, we produce world-class retort packages with three and four-layer lamination.


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Snack Packaging
Baharat ve Kuru Gıda Ambalajları
Spices & Dried Food Packaging
Baharat ve Kuru Gıda Ambalajları
Breakfast & Dairy Products Packaging
Sporcu Gıdaları
Sports Nutrition Packaging
Dondurulmuş Gıda Ambalajları
Frozen Food Packaging
Anne ve Bebek Bakım Ambalajları
Mom & Baby Care Packaging
Hazır Yemek ve Sos Ambalajları
Ready Meals & Sauces Packaging

Non Food

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Agricultural Packaging
Tekstil Ürün Ambalajları
Textile Product Packaging
Temizlik Ürün Ambalajları
Cleaning Product Packaging
Kişisel Bakım Ambalajları
Personal Care Packaging

Pet Care

Kedi Kumu Ambalajlari
Cat Litter Packaging
Köpek Maması Ambalajları
Dog Food Packaging
aKedi Mamasi Ambalajları
Cat Food Packaging
Hayvan Ürün Ambalajları
Other Animal Care Packaging