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Human Resources


Branding and institutionalization goals are important for our company to compete in the long term and in global markets. The corporate governance approach is supported by the human resources infrastructure to ensure sustainability across all units of the company. The human resources department is considered one of the most valuable units of the organization and is not only responsible for personnel management and welfare rights but also positioned as a unit that enhances the organization’s capacity in line with company strategies. Acting as a “strategic business partner,” the human resources department continues its efforts to provide the necessary human resources and support the company in achieving its goals.

Our Policy

  – Having qualified human resources and implementing effective human resources management are among our main focuses.

  – We provide solutions in workforce management processes, support corporate and individual development, and offer alternatives according to needs.

  – We offer our employees suitable employment conditions and fair and equal development opportunities that align with their professional knowledge and skills.

  – We create an environment where our employees can fulfill their potential to the fullest and respect their individual personalities.

  – Our aim is to become a preferred organization with expert employees in every field.

  – We reward our successful employees and support their development.

  – Additionally, we support the well-being of our employees through policies implemented within the organization by providing both financial and moral incentives for them to lead a healthy life.

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