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About Us

As Krcpack Flexibles,

We provide services in the packaging industry with the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years, adhering to international standards. With customer satisfaction always being our top priority, we operate as a reliable, people-oriented, and environmentally conscious packaging company aiming for sustainable growth.

The foundation of our reputable position in the industry lies in our high-quality, safe, and eco-friendly flexible packaging options. Our production department is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, allowing us to meet all of our customers’ needs for single and multi-layered packaging, ready bags, and flexible packaging solutions that are both environmentally friendly and of high quality. By combining our qualified human resources with advancing technology and infrastructure investments, we are progressing towards a leading position in the industry.

We strive to maintain our leadership in the industry by enriching the knowledge we have gained worldwide in line with the expectations of end consumers. Furthermore, we continue to provide the privileges we offer during the production process in the After Sales Support phase. To ensure complete customer satisfaction, we provide high-quality post-sales support services with a strong commitment to excellence.


Our vision is to be a competitive, reliable, environmentally and socially conscious company that maintains a sustainable growth target for our national and international stakeholders, with a customer-centric approach.


Our mission is to consistently meet the highest standards of quality while exceeding customer expectations. We embrace an innovative approach and assume the responsibility of being a leading brand in the industry. As a result, we ensure the sustainable success of our brand on a global scale.

Productive & Competitive

We strive to be customer-oriented, providing services worldwide. We effectively manage our resources by utilizing innovative technologies. With highly qualified employees, we are committed to environmental sustainability and continuously creating added value without compromising on quality.


We adhere to the principles of continuous learning and development in line with the needs of manufacturers and consumers. Guided by science and relying on technology in our company’s operations, we stay up-to-date with industry trends and strive to develop original and cutting-edge technologies.

Stakeholder Satisfaction

We adopt a customer and solution-oriented approach for our national and international stakeholders, fostering a sense of belonging and corporate loyalty among our employees. We strive to be a reliable business partner for manufacturers.

Corporate Administration

We conduct our operations within the framework of corporate governance principles, embracing an innovative, transparent, high-quality, open-to-development and responsible approach. Ethical values and social responsibility awareness are central to our activities.