About us

Krcpack Ambalaj Sanayi has been providing services at international standards for a long time, thanks to the knowledge and experience it has gained in the sector.


As a customer-oriented, sustainable, growth-oriented, competitive, trustworthy, and environmentally conscious packaging company, we serve our national and international stakeholders.


As Krcpack Flexibles, we continue to be one of the leading brands in the industry with our high-quality, safe, and environmentally friendly flexible packaging options.


Thanks to our production department equipped with the latest technology, we provide innovative solutions to meet all our customers’ needs, such as single and multi-layer packaging, ready-made bags, and flexible packaging. By combining our high-quality human resources with developing technology, infrastructure, and high equipment investments, we are taking confident steps towards our goal of shaping the global packaging industry.


While enriching the knowledge we have gained worldwide in line with the expectations of end consumers, we also maintain the privileges we offer during the production process in the After Sales Support process.